Oh dear! John’s cycle comes to a sticky end

Oh Dear! Image courtesy of Janet Roberts
Older brother, Alfred commiserates as he surveys John’s damaged bike. Photo c.1940.

Janet Roberts née Kitson has been searching through her family photographs and has found this wonderfully emotive image. She writes:

Alfred and John Stanley Roberts lived at ‘The Laurels’ in Cooke Street, Bentley, Doncaster with parents Frank and Nellie and Brothers Norman and Angus. The Railway Tavern stood on the opposite side of the busy road to their home. John was very fond of cycling, especially to and from school at Doncaster Hall Cross Grammar, as well as for pleasure. One day John’s cycling came to a sticky end, when his bicycle was run over by a passing lorry, having been left propped up at the kerbside. Sadly, it was declared a ‘write- off’ by Alfred.

About the owner of the bicycle in the story, Janet goes on to say:

During WW2 John S. Roberts was an Observer on a Swordfish Torpedo Bomber in the Fleet Air Arm and took part in the Arctic Convoys from this country to Russia. This delayed his education and it wasn’t until the War was over that he was able to go to University.

Do you have similar images in your family archives? If Janet’s cycling story has triggered fond memories, please do get in touch.

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