The Arksey Flyer: Janet’s Cycling Story

Candy 2a
Candy – ‘The Arksey Flyer’, Bentley, June 1965

It seems that Doncaster residents have put their bicycles to many interesting uses! Janet Roberts shares her story with us:

I remember that I once brought a three month kitten home all the way from Brookfield Farm at Arksey to Daw Lane, Bentley zipped into a shopping bag on the handlebars of my bike. My Father and Brother had put me up to fetching the kitten as they both wanted it, but didn’t dare to ask my Mother’s permission – apparently.

The well fed kitten moved from side to side all of the way home causing the front wheel to move about. In the end I walked, but it wasn’t easy to push the bike with the heavy bag on one side of the handlebars. My Mother was none too pleased about the prospect of owning another cat after the last one was run over on Askern Road and so she made me take it all of the way back in the same manner!

The three of us were so downhearted after the kitten was gone and kept on and on about it. Eventually my Mother gave in and guess what? She sent me back for it on my bike but this time I put it in a small box and balanced it on the seat. It was only a partial success as it meowed its head off all of the way home. My Dad christened it ‘The Arksey Flyer’. I called it ‘Candy’ and he looked like a little striped tiger.

Candy 1a
Candy – ‘The Arksey Flyer’, Bentley, June 1965

Do any of your cycling stories involve unusual uses for a bicycle? We’d love to hear about them. Please get in touch and share your memories with us.

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